New paper: Effects of grazing management on biodiversity across trophic levels

During my PhD when I went to conferences or met people at a statistics course they often remembered me as the person talking about horses and cattle all the time. Indeed, almost all the chapters of my PhD-thesis dealt with the question how grazing management with different livestock species and stocking densities affected some aspect of vegetation or other . However, I was not alone in this project and my colleagues Freek Mandema and Roel van Klink answered similar questions but with regard to birds and invertebrates in our grazing experiment in Noord-Friesland Buitendijks. After we all finished our PhDs the project was continued by Georgette Lagendijk and together we now published a new paper summarizing and integrating effects of the grazing treatments on biodiversity across trophic levels:

van Klink, R., Nolte, S., Mandema, F.S., Lagendijk, D.D.G., WallisDeVries, M.F., Bakker, J.P., Esselink, P., Smit, C. (2016): Effects of grazing management on biodiversity across trophic levels–The importance of livestock species and stocking density in salt marshes. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 235, 329–339. doi:10.1016/j.agee.2016.11.001


The middle block of the grazing experiment at Noord-Friesland Buitendijks.

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